My Favs

Here is a list of A Few of My Favorite Things. I’m constantly adding to it, so check back here whenever you need something. If you don’t see a category you’re looking for – or if you’d like to get on my list – email me with details and I’ll see what I can do. Thx!)



My Mama, Carolyn Olson, is a distributor for Bella Taylor Handbags. I’ve been carrying them for years, and can attest to their craftsmanship and durability. Plus, they’re just super cute! Order through Grace & Sass and receive a 10% DISCOUNT!


My friend and mentor, Bonnie, of Bonnie L. Frank Biz Coaching and Consulting is one of the best in the biz! She’s been advising me for years…and I’ve recently hired her to Ghelp me build my new ministry/biz. She is a font of wisdom and information, and just fun!


My Baby Girl, Hannah Hamilton, offers a wide range of holistic health & wellness consulting and products via her Healthy Divine Hippies biz. She is an experienced personal yoga instructor, knowledgeable on all things herbal, creates her own essential oil blends, and so much more. She is available by appointment for online video or phone consultation. Email her now to begin your road to better health!

My friend and biz coach, Bonnie Frank, is also an It Works consultant. She would be happy to help you discover a program that will help you reach your wellness goals.

You can also contact my gf & guest wellness blogger, Rhonda Brzozowiec re: It Works. Rhonda is a flight attendant-on-the-mend (back injury) who discovered their products when she was traveling a lot. She can advise you on what products can help meet your health & wellness needs.


Your Organized Life – My gf, Daria Harvey is a professional organizer. Visit her blog for great tips and downloads….or email her about working one-on-one.


If you are a woman in midlife, you NEED to check out My Midlife Closet! I am an affiliate partner with them*….but even if I wasn’t, I would be using their services. They are knowledgeable, offer fabulous – exclusive – boutique collections, and are a team of women with hearts for God. Their mission is to help you wear your worth!  Join today and be sure to mention Grace & Sass sent ya. 😉


*As an affiliate partner, I received a complimentary membership, and receive a small commission for each referral.