Coaching FAQ’s

These are some Frequently Asked Questions regarding life coaching. My coaching process will likely differ from other coaches’. Unlike many (most?) life coaches, my coaching is Biblically-based. This doesn’t mean we can’t work together if we don’t share all the same beliefs. My priority is helping you achieve your goals; that doesn’t require a conversion. ūüėČ

If you still have questions after reading through these, don’t hesitate to contact me!

Who decides what we work on?

You set the agenda. Our coaching partnership is based on a mutual understanding of your goals, so it is critical we communicate clearly and honestly with one another. I may suggest a course of action, but it is up to you whether or not you want to work on it. If not, we’ll move on.

If I’m doing most of the work, what do you do?

As¬†your¬†Coach,¬†it¬†is¬†my¬†responsibility¬†to¬†support,¬†motivate,¬†challenge,¬†and¬†guide¬†you.¬†I¬†will¬†ask tough questions, and provide you with focus, structure, and accountability. I will support and encourage you through difficult seasons, and will celebrate your successes with you! But it¬†is¬†your¬†responsibility¬†to¬†take¬†the necessary actions¬†to¬†bring about the¬†changes¬†you¬†want¬†to see happen¬†in¬†your¬†life. Unfortunately, I can’t do the work for you. ūüėČ

What kind of things will I be doing?

It really depends on what your individual goals are. Prior to our first session, you will be asked to complete an in-depth Intake Form that covers everything from general life satisfaction, to any specific goal(s) you may have, to how you see/want us working together. We will discuss your responses in our initial session, and go from there.  You may simply find a fresh perspective helpful in deciding a course of action. Or I may suggest a new approach that may prove more effective in helping you achieve the goals you set for yourself.

Note: Your feedback is appreciated and necessary. If you feel there is something I’m doing that is not helpful to you, tell me. And if I am not doing something you believe would be more helpful, just let me know.¬†

No one else will know what we discuss, will they?

Absolutely not! Confidentiality is paramount in our coaching partnership. I will never disclose any information about you unless you give me permission to do so. (For example, I may ask you to write a testimonial for me to use on my website. I would only use exactly what you write. See Privacy Policy for details.)

How and when do we meet?

Coaching sessions last approximately 45 minutes. The more focused we can be in our conversation, the more productive the sessions will be for both of us. I understand you are investing in this partnership, and I want to make sure I do my best to help you achieve your goals. Prior to our first session, we will schedule a mutually-convenient time to talk. If you are local to me, we may wish to have some or all of our sessions conducted in person, but normally we will talk via an online video chat system. (I prefer video, as being able to see you allows me to gauge visual cues, as well as audial.) As a last resort, we can always have an old-fashioned phone call. ūüėČ

Do you handle any types of issues?

Of course not; that would be silly! ; ) Issues that are outside the boundaries of our coaching partnership – or my expertise – should be taken to an appropriate qualified professional. If I don’t feel we would be the best fit (or if I feel we are progressing out of my depths), I will tell you immediately. I don’t want to waste your time, or mine, and I certainly don’t want to misrepresent my capabilities. But as long as we are in our coaching partnership, I will do my very best to support and encourage you to help you achieve your goals.

What if I’m not a Christian?

You don’t have to be a Christian to participate in coaching with me. I simply want to be upfront that my faith is my compass for everything I do, and my approach to coaching comes from a Biblical perspective. I am confident that the services I offer are applicable to everyone. Our coaching partnership is about your goals. I will certainly speak about my faith; it’s what makes me who I am. But I would never push my faith on you. If we agree to pursue coaching, I am committed to helping you achieve the goals you set out for yourself.

What if I don’t think it’s working, Can I quit?

Of course you can. But if you aren’t committed to pursuing your coaching goals, it’s really better to just not even begin. That’s why my Intake Form is so thorough, and why it will be the topic of our first session. Should you choose to discontinue your coaching package after we have begun, you will be reimbursed for any unused sessions per the¬†Terms of Use.¬†(Materials purchased separately may not be refundable.) If you decide to cancel, I would appreciate at least 2 weeks notice.

My Mission

I am a Christian Midlife Coach. I walk alongside women who might feel a little lost in their midlife; women who are searching for clarity and direction. My highest priority is to help women discover what purpose God has for them in this season of life.

My goal is to build a coaching partnership based on trust and authenticity so that you can step out of your comfort zone into an even more satisfying life. I use practical and innovative strategies to:

  • help you clarify what you want
  • help you explore¬†your options
  • enhance¬†your personal accountability
  • help you take action that will enable you to¬†experience a more joyful¬†and abundant life.