So you wanna know more about me, huh? Well, here it is. ūüėČ

MHH & Me

I turned 50 in August 2016…and I’m lovin it! I have earned every gray hair on my head, and wear it proudly. I’ve been through some stuff: ¬†I’ve been divorced three times, I’ve dealt with abuse, I’ve been a single Mama (literally counting pennies), I’ve lost most of my material possessions in Hurricane Ivan (Sept2004), I’ve been single and unemployed for over a year…and plenty more. But through all¬†those valley experiences (and years of ¬†being bitter and self-sufficient….which only served to keep me down longer than necessary, believe me), I was never alone. God walked alongside me even when I didn’t want Him to. When I finally gave up trying to fix my mess of a life in my own power (an absolute misconception, I assure you), He brought new life out of it all. Thank You, Jesus!

I’ve been married to MHH (my handsome husband), Jim, 7 years now, and life is good. ¬†He’s not just a loving, supportive man of God….he’s a super intelligent. engineer who manages a world-wide staff (U.S., India, Italy, and Brazil), and he’s a hot drummer who uses his mad skills to rock out to Jesus on the Worship Team at our church. He’s my rock, y’all. <3



My and MHH <3



Our Family

We have 5 awesome kids between us (ages 30 thru18) and 2¬†of the most adorable grandbabies (4.5 and nearly-3). And I am blessed to still have both my folks around. They will celebrate their 54th anniversary in December. I was adopted when I was just 10 days old, and I could not have asked for more loving and tolerant parents. God bless ’em….they’ve put up with a lot over the years! *giggle*

We also have a Chihuahua named Delilah. (We lost our Black Lab, Hogan, in Spring 2016)… well as all the¬†normal family and financial issues. It’s always something, isn’t it? *giggle* But my family is my heart, and I love them tons!


Delilah and Hogan (dec.).



Where We Live 

Yes……we own 2 houses. *mental head slap* Our Galesburg IL house (GBG) was built by MHH’s great, great grandfather in 1864. It’s our “heart”¬†home…..but the Iowa house (BRL; 1 hour west) is close to MHH’s office and right on the Mississippi River! (Ours is the second unit from the left of those brick row houses; c. 1841; it is the oldest building in town.) For almost 5 years now, we have bounced back & forth between the two. I don’t recommend it, but it works for us for now. ūüėČ

It’s not a perfect life, but it is our life, and I¬†wouldn’t trade it for the world!

Basically, my cup runneth over, y’all. <3¬†