I have declared my 52nd year as My Year of Intentional Living…..and part of that is making sure I make time for the important things! What qualifies as “important” may vary slightly between you and me, but some things are universal: family, friends, and ourselves. Here are a few dates we should all add to our calendar that can help us remember to live intentionally in February:

World Cancer Day (SU, 04FEB)

Yeah, this blog is a day late….so be sure to make a note for next year. But even though it was yesterday, there’s no reason you still can’t say a prayer or do something special today for all those battling cancer….and the family & friends who are supporting them in their journey.

Send A Card To A Friend Day (WE, 07FEB)

Let’s overwhelm the USPS with cards on the 7th! Pick a friend…..or better yet, buy a box and send cards to a bunch of your friends. Everyone likes to get a handwritten card or note in the mail….so spread the love! <3

Valentine’s Day (WE, 14FEB)

Valentine’s Day is celebrated in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, the U.K., France, and Australia. An estimated 1 billion Valentine’s Day cards are sent out each year, making Valentine’s Day the 2nd largest card-sending holiday of the year. Not surprisingly, women purchase approximately 85% of all valentines. Do you & yours have a traditional way of celebrating your romance? I’d love to hear! (I think MHH and I will be going to Chicago for a belated Valentine’s weekend. Gonna stroll through the Art Institute some more, holding hands and sneaking kisses. *giggle*)

Random Acts of Kindness Day (SA, 17FEB)

A RAK is defined as a selfless act performed by kind people to either help or cheer up a random stranger, for no reason other than to make people happier. Personally, I think it’s best if we act spontaneously, paying attention to the opportunities God sets in our paths on this special day…..and every day following. But if you need some ideas, or want to plan ahead to go on a RAK Offensive, here’s a link to an article from Natural Beach Living listing 101 of the Best Random Acts of Kindness. Some of my personal favorites are:

  • Give a stranger a compliment (If I think it, I say it….I don’t care if I know them, or not.)
  • Make dinner for a family in need (Don’t tell me you don’t know a family who could use a good meal or even a restaurant gift card. They may not have been able to afford a dinner out in a long time!)
  • Pay for someone’s meal at a restaurant (Or get an extra value meal and give it to a homeless person.)
  • Help an elderly person with their groceries (Heck, why not take a little extra time and offer to walk with them, getting items off high shelves and just having a nice conversation?)
  • Send care packages to overseas soldiers. (Don’t wait for Christmas. Soldiers appreciate the supplies and a word of encouragement EVERY day!)
  • And my own addition: Say a silent prayer when you see a look of concern or worry on someone’s face. Better yet….tell them you noticed, and ask if you can say a quick prayer for them. Most any time I’ve offered, people are always receptive to the obvious display of concern….even if they’re not “a praying person.” Ask the Holy Spirit to make you more aware of other’s needs today. If you ask, He will open your eyes, I promise. 🙂

National Margarita Day (TH, 22FEB)

This day really speaks to me! *giggle* Why not text your gf’s right now and plan an after-work drink on the 22nd to celebrate all y’all? You know you deserve it! You are FABULOUS!!! 🙂

If you plan to do just ONE thing for each of these days, you will have “covered your bases” with friends, family, strangers, and yourself. It’s so easy to brighten someone’s day, and give an encouraging word. But don’t  wait for a special day. Be intentional about acting out God’s love today! And remember…..

Extend grace. Receive grace.