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I Knew Something Was Coming

Just before my birthday last year (when I turned 50), God gave me the name of my new blog/business….and 1 year ago today I launched Grace and Sass! 🙂

I cannot tell you how blessed I have been because of all the wonderful women I have crossed paths with and become friends with (most of whom I’ve never met in person) because of Grace and Sass. It just goes to show you, when you circle your dreams in prayer, God is listening…and He rewards your faithfulness. God is so good!

In the 2 years leading up to God’s revealing the idea for Grace and Sass, I’d been sitting in His waiting room. I knew something was coming, but I also knew I had to be patient….cuz it was obvious He wasn’t ready to reveal it to me yet. *sigh* It was a longgggg wait, y’all…..but when He began giving me pieces of His dream for me, I was so excited to start putting that puzzle together. It was totally worth the wait!!

Circling Our Big Dreams In Prayer

Today, I want to share the one thing that resonated with me more than anything else over this past year: circling our dreams in prayer. We spent a lot of time in the G&S Facebook Group  going through Mark Batterson’s book, “The Circle Maker,” learning how to circle our dreams in prayer. (Remember all those Minute Meditations I did on prayer circles? If not, it’s probably bcuz you’re not a member of my group…so you’re missing out on a lot of great stuff!) Read all the way through to find out how I can help you learn how to circle your Big Dreams in prayer and make them a reality….but in the meantime, here’s the short version.

STEP 1: Identify your Jericho.

Just as the Israelites had to circle Jericho before they could claim the Promised Land, we need to figure out what our “Jericho” is, and then start circling it in prayer. Most of the time, we don’t get what we want because we really don’t know what we want. It usually takes a lot of time and and a lot of prayer before God reveals what He wants to bring into your life next…which is often very different than what we think we need in our life. (Ain’t that the truth?) And God does not answer vague prayers….because vague prayers don’t take much faith. If you want God to move big in your life, you’re going to have to get real, get honest, and get into a position of obedience. Then watch out, ‘cuz the walls that have been blocking you are gonna come tumbling down!

STEP 2: Praying through…and praising through.

Circle makers have to be just a little more than stubborn. (I can check that one off, how about you? LOL) Once we identify our Jericho, we often stop praying too soon; we quit before our miracle comes. True faith, however, is persistent. True faith trusts God’s timing. True faith celebrates before the miracle happens because we know it’s coming! If we believe God has set a Big Dream in our hearts, then we can’t let go until He moves.

A Circle Maker Has To Step Into 3 Circles

Circle 1: Dream Big

Miracles require Divine intervention. If you can accomplish it in your own power, it’s not from God. So think big, gf! The bigger your dream and the greater your faith,  the more you open your life to opportunities for God to display His Glory in big ways!

Circle 2: Pray Hard

God has a tendency to give us just enough, just in time. It’s almost as if He waits to see if we’ll give up on our Big Dream….or if we’ll pray through because we trust our dream is from Him. But like everything else that is worthwhile, if we really want it, we’re gonna have to work for it. God knows if He just gave us everything we need up front, we’d lose our drive. It’s when we step out in faith and are completely dependent on God that our miracle comes.

Circle 3: Think long

The time we spend in our secret place is what puts us in the right spiritual frame of mind to get after our Big Dreams. (Have you done the 2-Week Morning Quiet Time Challenge? If not, find out about it here.) We need to dream big, we need to pray hard….and we need to think long about how it’s going to look and feel when our miracle comes. (Cuz we trust God is going to bring it to us, right? Right!) When we see the vision of our Big Dream, we can begin to take control of our daily decisions….and turn them into defining decisions that will keep us moving up forward til our miracle comes! (Read all the way through to find out how I can help YOU create a Vision Board for your Big Dream!) This is also when fasting comes into play. Prayer is about God’s power….but fasting is about our willpower.  When we demonstrate a willingness to sacrifice for our Big Dreams, that’s when God knows we’re serious….and ready.

Make The Most Of Your Midlife

If you’d like to continue discovering how to make the most of your midlife, it is my mission (see below) to help you do that! I will be offering a number of new services in the coming year to help you learn how to make YOUR BIG DREAMS happen….with Grace and Sass!



Christian Life Coaching – I will be offering both 1:1 and small group coaching to help you learn how to clarify your Big Dreams, and how to circle them in prayer to make them a reality!

Vision Board Workshops – I will be leading 1-day Vision Board Workshops to help you learn how to think long about what your Big Dream will look and feel like, and how to turn daily decisions into defining decisions that will make your Big Dreams a reality!

GF Retreats- I will be hosting both 1-day and weekend GF Retreats where my Grace and Sass gf’s can come together to learn, share, pray, and be encouraged. Of course this will require a few tissues….but mostly lots of coffee, laughter, good food, and wine. 🙂

Listen To My Life Workshops – Throughout the year, I will be leading 1-day single life map workshops. For those interested in going through the complete series (there are a total of 8 life maps in the Listen To My Life curriculum; read more here), I will try to offer that 2-3 times in a  small group setting.

Don’t Miss Out!

Part of what I will be doing in Year 2 is dependent on YOU! My #1 priority is for Grace and Sass is to serve your needs. The best way for me to do that is to hear from you directly…..via email, or comments in my Facebook group. I also don’t want you to miss out on any new studies, events ,or announcements, so please take a moment to complete these 2 simple steps:

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A Big Thank You

Finally, I want to thank each and every one of you for being a part of the Grace and Sass community this past year. I am deeply honored and blessed to call each of you gf. After all, you are the reason God gave me this Big Dream. My cup runneth over, y’all. <3

And remember….

Extend grace. Receive grace.

— Kimberly