In the past few months, a number of my Grace & Sass gals have indicated they feel “stalled-out” in their faith, or unmotivated to spend a little morning quiet time with Jesus every day. That’s really been weighing on my heart. If you can relate to how they’re feeling, I want to do whatever I can to help you all reconnect with God. And since this Tuesday begins a new month, I am issuing a MORNING QUIET TIME CHALLENGE.

Here’s How The Morning Quiet Time Challenge Works:

  1. I commit to posting a short devotional on my website each morning (beginning MO, 31JUL)….and
  2. YOU to commit to spending at least 15 MINUTES reading it and talking it over with Jesus BEFORE YOU DO ANYTHING ELSE. (I’ll even include “talking points” if you need a little help getting started.)
I am a firm believer that when you BEGIN your day with Jesus, everything else works out much better than if you hadn’t. Even if you usually do your quiet time before bed (or any other time throughout the day), I think you’ll notice a difference (for the positive) when you give God the “firstfruits” of your day….even if it means getting up 15 minutes earlier. *giggle*

Will You Commit To a Morning Quiet Time?

Comment “I’M IN!”  below if you will be participating.  My prayer is that you are ready to commit to 2 weeks of morning quiet time to revitalize your relationship with God! 🙂

Join Our Group!

If you haven’t already joined my Grace and Sass Women in Midlife Facebook Group, now would be an ideal time to do so! 😉 We have a fabulous community of women there,  and I think you’ll find it’s a place where you can connect and be encouraged in your everyday. Hope to see you over there soon! 🙂 And remember….