This month we are celebrating the freedom we have in midlife!




Welcome New People Into Your Life

By the time you reach midlife, your kids are usually older (if not grown and independent), which usually frees up a lot of your time. You’re not running around to all their school events, games, or church activities. And you’re usually no longer involved in school-related committees or field trips. The extra time not doing all those things frees you up to choose new ways to fill your time.  One way to do that is to welcome new people into your life.

Take this unlikely new friendship, for example.

“I know I made room in my heart for a lot more.” – Dan Peterson, age 82

Sure, this is a 4-year old and an 82-year old….but we can learn from Norah’s awareness to Mr. Peterson’s demeanor, and her desire to share her joy with him. And just look where it led. *cue sappy music and a sniffle* She wasn’t worried about misspeaking (why her Mom was embarrassed, I don’t know; he certainly didn’t seem to mind) and she didn’t overthink it. If a 4-year old can recognize someone in need of a hug and some love, surely we women in midlife can. 😉

Be On The Lookout

Don’t get hung up on the who or the when. Just ask God to cross your path with people whoever can use whatever it is you have to share. I promise He’ll respond…so you’d better be ready to respond, too. *LOL*

Be on the lookout for people in your everyday. Maybe an acquaintance will develop into a new best friend you didn’t realize has been right there. Maybe you’ll bring a smile to someone at the store that you never see again, but God knew they really needed a kind word or even a hug that day.

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Embrace the child-like freedom to engage anyone around you! You never know the impact it may have on them….or you!And remember….