Last week we gave thanks for  the freedoms we have in Christ, and how that freedom is best expressed in a life of service. If we look closely at Scripture, we notice that Jesus never made a big show about serving others. There are all sorts of ways to serve so people notice, but sometimes the best ways are just simple acts of service.

I was blessed to be raised in a family who exemplified a life of service: on the “front lines,” and “behind the scenes.” My G’pa was a deacon and had the kindest heart of any man I’ve known. My G’ma taught the ladies’ Sunday School class at church, led a Bible study at her farmhouse, and was mentor and counselor to more people than I can remember. My Daddy is the hardest worker I know, and a mechanical genius who can make anything work! My Mama  led the girls’ program and was the camp coordinator at church, and is constantly helping and encouraging others. It’s only natural, I guess, that I have a heart for service, too. (Grace and Sass being one of the ways I believe God has called me to serve.) But what exactly do simple acts of service look like in our everyday?

The Bible tells us true service is considering others more important than ourselves, and offering our service in a humble fashion; not for recognition or reward.

Do nothing from selfish ambition or conceit, but in humility count others more significant than yourselves. Let each of you look not only to his own interests, but also to the interests of others. – Philippians 2:3-4 ESV

Sometimes acts of service are unseen. Just because you don’t see someone’s works of service doesn’t mean they’re not serving God in exactly the way He has chosen for them. They may be prayer warriors. They may help on committees you aren’t involved in. They may mentor a young woman you don’t know. They may help elderly neighbors or the new mama down the street with errands or meal preparation. There are so many things that can be happening that people don’t necessarily share; it’s “just what they do.” And yet these simple behind-the-scenes acts of service are equally important Kingdom work!

Just because you don't see someone's works of service doesn't mean they're not serving God in exactly the way He has chosen for them. - Kimberly Sutor Click To Tweet

Take a minute to think of all the ways you may serve. Do you think you’re not doing enough? Is there something God has placed on your heart that you’ve hesitated to get involved in….but the feeling just won’t go away? Do you want to do more, but don’t know where to begin? If these questions weigh on your heart, I urge you to spend some time in prayer this week asking God what it is He wants you to do…and ask Him to build up your faith so you can step out boldly and do it!

If you need some fresh ideas of  simple ways to serve, I’ve come up with a few.

10 Simple Ways To Serve

  1. As a wife and mother, everything you do for your family is an act of service to God. He called you to marriage and motherhood, so don’t diminish the work that you do every day to serve those you love most. (The hard thing to remember sometime, though, is to do them without complaining. I know I struggle with that myself! 🙁 )
  2. Have an extra hour or two this week? Instead of watching TV, call and ask if there’s anything you can do to help out the church secretary.
  3. Know a new young wife or mother who doesn’t have a strong mother figure in her life? Invite her to coffee and let her know you are going to be praying for her, and ask if she’d like to meet regularly.
  4. Start buying a few extra items each week and donate them to local schools or day cares.
  5. Send a check to your church and ask them to pass it on anonymously to a family struggling with a recent job loss.
  6. Leave a little gift bag of home-grown produce on a neighbor’s doorstep to share your garden bounty.
  7. Do you or co-workers have issues at the office? Skip one lunch a week and spend that time praying for improved relationships.
  8. Is a friend working a lot of overtime, or taken on a second job? Ask if you can come over and help with laundry while you share a cup of coffee or wine.
  9. Make up some notes to keep in your purse with pre-written compliments written on them….or leave some blank for spur-of-the-moment occasions:
    1. You have a beautiful smile!
    2. You were so patient with ___________________________.
    3. Thanks for your help with ____________________________.
    4. Thanks for the laugh. I needed that today!
    5. Enjoy a treat on me. You deserve it! (Tape a dollar to the vending machine.)
  10. Take some of your garden flowers to the local nursing home for table centerpieces, or to brighten the day of someone who doesn’t have local family.

There are so many ways we can serve others in our everyday. The key is to watch for opportunities to make someone else feel loved and important….and then acting on them. Let’s make simple acts of service our focus this week! <3 And remember……