A helpful hint on “Keep It Simple Saturday”!



I know….Summer doesn’t officially begin until the Summer Solstice on 21JUN, but with school being out, it’s “unofficial Summer” now, right? So I was updating my own calendar last week and realized we have a lot of stuff going on this Summer….and we’re empty-nesters! *LOL* I gotta tell ya, I do not miss the days of having young kids home from school, complaining about being bored by Week 2.  But even without running kids here and there for ball games or music camp or whatever it may be, life is hectic….so I thought I’d share these 3 tips for controlling your summer calendar.


3 Tips For Controlling Your Summer Calendar

  1. Write it down.  Seriously….if I don’t immediately put events/appointments/etc on my calendar, I will forget about them. And that only causes headaches I can do without!
  2. Consult your calendar before committing to something new to make sure you don’t double-book yourself….or over-commit! You know you won’t enjoy anything you feel stressed over, so check first.
  3. Write a few “busy” days in each month.  Most likely, no one will actually read your calendar, but they may see something written on the date in question. If it’s something you want to do, you can say you’re glad to move some things around to make it happen. But if you don’t want to participate, you can gracefully decline by saying you already have something on your calendar that day. 😉

If you do decide to decline, get in the habit of NOT apologizing! Answer with a simple, “Oh, I’m busy that day.” 99% of the time they’ll accept that because everyone can relate to being busy; it’s nothing to apologize for! But if you really feel badly about saying no, you can always tell them to keep you in mind for the next event, or ask if you can help in another way. See? Win-Win! 😉

I hope these simple tips help you keep control of your calendar so you can ENJOY Summer to its fullest! Ya’ know what I always say: Choose wisely! And remember….