For the month of May, we will be Praying Through The Proverbs. Unlike a Bible study, we will simply pray a few key Scriptures each day. We’ll concentrate on how these verses apply to our individual lives, and ask God to reveal to us if there is anything specific we need to repent of or work on. Today we consider Chapter 24.*


Today’s verse touches on a subject that weighs on my heart often: How much can we really do for the oppressed, the persecuted, the afflicted around the world? (See a list of my favorite organizations below.)

Key Verses in Chapter 24:

v.12  If you say, “But we knew nothing about this,” does not He who weighs the heart perceive it? Does not He who guards your life know it? Will He not repay each person according to what he has done?

God knows when we have the opportunity to help those in need but don’t. Saying, “But I didn’t know,” is inexcusable. Failing to do what is right is as much a sin as doing wrong. If it is in our power to help someone in desperate need, God will not hold us blameless if we fail to act.

Failing to do what is right is as much a sin as doing wrong. - Kimberly Sutor Click To Tweet


My Prayer

Father God, I humbly enter this, my secret place, and acknowledge I am in the Presence of the One True God. Thank You for meeting me here. Forgive me so I can stand in Your Presence clean and holy.

I feel so helpless when I consider what a mess our world is right now. I know that’s just the enemy’s deception; he doesn’t want me to even try to help! But You command me to “Love one another” as You love me. That’s how the world will know I am Your disciple: by my actions (John 13:34-35).

So search my heart, Father. Reveal where I am making flimsy excuses and show me clearly how I can act as Your instrument of love and peace to those in desperate need! Lead me to the right opportunities here in my own community, and give me wisdom about which organizations I can financially support as they work to make an impact for You where I cannot go.

Bless our actions, Father, that we may bring the hope and light of Jesus Christ to the oppressed, the persecuted, and the afflicted. Forgive me where I have been complacent in my secure little corner of the world when billions around the world are not so blessed. I humble myself before You today. Use me however I can best serve Your kingdom work, LORD. May Your Name be glorified through even my smallest efforts.

I pray these things in the powerful Name of Jesus…



A Few Of My Favorite Organizations:

Samaritan’s Purse

We support Samaritan’s Purse via Operation Christmas Child in December, and via Amazon Smile (5% of your total Amazon purchase is donated to the nonprofit of your choice; be sure to use this link, though; otherwise you’re just on “regular” Amazon. 😉 ).

The Timothy Initiative

Our church supports The Timothy Initiative in Nepal. TTI partners with Faith Comes By Hearing to provide Bibles in over 1000 languages, and with The Jesus Film to introduce millions to Jesus Christ.

Jews for Jesus

Our church as supported Melissa Moskowitz for many years. Melissa’s late husband, Jhan, was co-founder of JFJ. If you want to hear one of the most insightful Bible teachers I know of, you can listen to Jhan’s teachings on YouTube. Some of my most treasured Bible study times were when Jhan & Melissa would visit our church for a weekend of teaching God’s Word. Jhan and I had some great – although too brief – discussions. He did a mighty work while he was here on this earth! <3)

Life Straw

Life Straw makes contaminated water safe to drink. You can donate to provide Life Straw filtration systems for whole communities, or personal filters…..or you can buy your own Life Straw for travel, camping, etc!


We have supported two little girls – Arizbeth (Mexico) and Emmanuella (Ghana) for a couple years now. We specifically chose girls with the same birth dates as our grandbabies. <3 It’s a joy to communicate with these girls and hear about how they’re growing and learning about Jesus.  Whether you sponsor a child with monthly donations, donate a car, or donate for disaster relief, your money will be put to good use where it is needed most!

Converge Missionaries John & Lucy Helveston

I met the Helvestons when John became Youth Pastor at my home church in Galesburg IL around 1980.  John & Lucy later moved to California and led a church in San Jose. Now that John’s “retired,” they serve as missionaries with Converge (our church conference) to provide short-term leadership to English-speaking congregations throughout the world to help prepare for their new pastor’s arrival. It is such a blessing to be able to support our dear friends in their ministry. I know they’d appreciate your support, too. <3

*All Scripture references quoted from NIV c.1978 unless otherwise indicated.