We have spent the last 4 months focusing on prayer; specifically on circling our Big Dreams in prayer. But what about when you don’t even know what your Big Dream is? Or when your heart is so overwhelmed you don’t know what – or how – to pray? Actually, that’s an easy one! When you don’t know how to pray, that’s the best time for letting the Bible speak for you. For the month of May, we will be praying through the Proverbs.

Proverbs is a particularly “convenient” devotional because it just happens to have 31 chapters; one chapter for each day of this month. Compound that with the amount of wisdom packed into this book, it just seems the perfect choice. 🙂
Unlike a Bible study, we will simply pray a few key Scriptures each day. We’ll concentrate on how these verses apply to our individual lives, and ask God to reveal to us if there is anything specific we need to repent of or work on. Considering the hundreds of “little wisdoms” King Solomon included in the book of Proverbs, I don’t think any of us will have a problem finding something that speaks directly to where we are in our own lives every day. God’s Word is pretty amazing that way. 😉

So join me as we begin our journey through Proverbs today. Think of this as a month to relax into God’s Word, letting it speak for you…and to you.

A Breakdown of the Book of Proverbs

Chapters 1-9: Introduction; comparative.

Chapters 10-15, 28, and 29: main body; contrasting.

Chapters 16-24, and 30: completions; continues the thought.

Chapter 31: Comparative.

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Each day in May, we will discuss how the day’s verses speak to us, finding – and giving – encouragement as only Grace and Sass girlfriends can. I hope you’ll join us! 🙂