God usually gives us a BIG dream when we least expect it. We don’t have the time. We don’t have the funds. We don’t have the people. But if our BIG dream is from God, we can’t let these obstacles keep us from stepping out in faith…even if it seems an outrageous time to dream. If God has given us that dream, He’s also already worked out how to move past any obstacle we may encounter. All we have to do is what we can do; He’ll do the rest.

Young Conrad Hilton

In 1931, during the Great Depression, a young Conrad Hilton had a dream to own great hotels. It was an outrageous time to dream! Conrad was borrowing money from a bellhop just to eat, but he set his sights on “The Queen,” the Waldorf Astoria in New York City. Who would imagine – 18 years later – he would acquire the Waldorf Corporation, crowning his collection of hotels with The Queen? God did. And Conrad Hilton did. In his autobiography, Mr. Hilton summarized his approach to business, and essentially everything in life: “In the circle of successful living, prayer is the hub that holds the wheel together.”

In the circle of successful living, prayer is the hub that holds the wheel together. - Conrad Hilton Click To Tweet

When we take God at His word, and grab hold of the BIG dream He’s given us, prayer is what holds it together. Our consistency in prayer is as instrumental to reaching our BIG dream as all our hard work. It is only when we invite God into our work – via prayer – that our efforts will be truly successful.

The Queen and The King

When we finally reach our dream, we can celebrate and praise God for letting us accomplish it. It’s the same for you and me as it was for the great American hotelier: The Queen may be our dream….but The Queen is always subject to The King.