Our society has become programmed for instant gratification. We want immediate results…even with our prayers. But that’s not how it works with God, or BIG dreams. As the daughter of a hardworking farmer, I can relate to Mark Batterson’s agricultural reference to prayer in “The Circle Maker”: “We need the patience of the planter. We need the foresight of the farmer. We need the mindset of the sower.”

Every Prayer Is A Seed

There are numerous agricultural references in Scripture. For many in Biblical times – and for those of us raised in farming communities today – it’s easy to see the correlation between our prayers and seeds. Once planted, a prayer seems to disappear for a season….but eventually, that prayer will become like a tree that bears fruit….not just for us, but for generations to come.

Instant v. Delayed Gratification

Nowadays, we are inundated with technologies that give us most everything we could want faster and easier than ever before….often at the touch of our finger. Unfortunately, we have become so accustomed to this life of instant gratification that we want the same principles to apply to our spiritual life. But God doesn’t operate that way; He operates in more of a delayed-gratification mode.

When God gives us a BIG dream, it will almost always require praying hard and thinking long. Sometimes our BIG dreams aren’t even about us; they’re about our children or grandchildren. We live in such a hustle and bustle existence that we forget to stop and take a longer view; we forget God can already see our entire life story…and how each prayer fits in to it.

Anytime, Anywhere

When we pray, we think our prayer only exists in what we understand as time. But time is something God created because we will never be able to wrap our heads around eternity in this life. We must simply accept that God exists outside the time He created for us.

We must simply accept that God exists outside the time He created for us. - Kimberly Sutor Click To Tweet

And while we may never know how or  when God will answer our prayer, if we truly believe is He able, we can live in holy anticipation, because our miracle could show up anytime, anywhere!

If you’re struggling with waiting for God to answer your prayer….be patient. Every prayer we lift up to God takes on a life of its own. Our prayer today may just be our legacy of tomorrow.