This is the final installment of my Building A Midlife Capsule Wardrobe series. If you’ve been reading along, you’ve probably said to yourself, “I can’t do that. I NEED all my clothes!” Well….I’m betting you don’t. And to prove it, I took the capsule wardrobe idea to the extreme! Here are the results from my 10 x 10 Challenge.

What Is The 10 x 10 Challenge?

The 10 x 10 Challenge is very simple:

  1. Choose 10 items from your wardrobe.
    1. This includes clothes and shoes!
    2.  I did not count my ivory extender as one of my 10 items. It is not something I would wear alone; it is basically a “slip” that gives me a little more feeling of modesty when layering too-short tops/tunics over skinny jeans or leggings.
    3. I also didn’t include outerwear because our IL/IA weather has been crazy lately: 35*F one day….70 the next. I couldn’t predict what coat I’d need. *LOL*
  2. Put together 10 different outfits from those 10 items.
  3. Wear one outfit a day for 10 days.

Not complicated….but let me tell you: 10 items are not much to work with. But…it is possible!

What To Choose

Choosing the 10 items was probably the hardest part.This challenge is all about finding out how much you can do with just a little. And once I got to thinking about it, it’s not much different than packing for a trip…and we’ve all done that.

Former-flight attendant packing tip: Lay out what you want to take....then pack half of that. - Kimberly Sutor Click To Tweet

I’m fortunate that I wear my cowboy boots with just about everything. (Seriously. I live in my boots.) So that left me with 9 tops and bottoms to play with. I also lucked-out because I work from home and the most dressed-up I usually get is going biz casual for dinner out or church. 🙂

My 10 Items

These are the items I selected:

  1. Gray tunic sweater
  2. Gray lace-trimmed tunic top
  3. Black & white pinstripe graphic tunic tee
  4. Black batwing-sleeve knit top
  5. Black high-low hem knit sweatshirt
  6. Black side-zip knit jacket
  7. Grey & ivory tweed open cardigan
  8. Everyday bootcut jeans
  9. Skinny jeans
  10. Boots

Here’s what my outfits looked like: (Keep reading to find out how I did this. It’s super cool!)

And here’s one outfit in detail:

Here are all my outfits scheduled on my calendar. (Again…more on this below, but just think how great this would be for traveling!)

Not too shabby, huh? It turned out to be much easier than I expected. If 10 items can be this versatile, think what you could do with a totally-reasonable 35-50 items in your closet!

The Right Tool Makes It Even Easier

Whether you’ve already jumped-in and have started building your own midlife capsule wardrobe….or you’ve just been following along as I’ve been going through the process, there is one app I highly recommend to simplify your wardrobe planning. It’s called Stylebook. (Available for iPhone and iPad…and it’s free!)

You’ve already seen a few examples of some key features (uploading your own clothing images, creating outfits, planning calendar), but here’s a short demo video of those features and more!

This app not only helps you with planning, it will help you keep on track when shopping intentionally. Use the Wish List feature so you don’t buy what you don’t need. Easily reference clothes/colors you already own to make sure what you do buy will coordinate with your existing wardrobe. See something while you’re out with friends? Add it to your Wish List right then so you don’t forget later! With 90 features, it’s everything you need at your fingertips to maintain a fun and functional midlife capsule wardrobe. 🙂

Are you starting to appreciate how much simpler a capsule wardrobe would make your life? Remember what it’s all about: Owning a closet full of clothes you LOVE…that coordinate to make choosing what you’re going to wear easier and faster. And all of it saves you money! Win. Win. WIN!!! *happy dance*

I hope you found this series as enlightening as I did. I really do have a new perspective on how much more I can do to simplify my closet….which will simplify my life! (As I’ve said…it’s a process.) If you have any questions on any of part of this series, please don’t hesitate to comment or email me. I’d love to hear how your new capsule wardrobe works for you!