The Bible is full of examples where God provides just enough just in time….whether we like it or not. I mean, let’s just be honest: Even if we have the faith to believe He will save the day….we’d also appreciate the foreknowledge of knowing how He will, right? There are times when we are able to patiently wait for God to answer our prayers. And then there are times when we’re on the precipice of doom (or at least it feels that way)….and it feels like God isn’t paying any attention at all to our predicament! But rather than looking at it as God toying with our emotions….think of it as  God waiting for the perfect time for His dramatic reveal.

Remember when Jesus was with the disciples in a little boat in a big storm? (Matthew 8:23-27) A huge storm comes up and they’re all afraid they’re going to die…and He’s asleep. Didn’t He care? Of course He cared. God could have given them smooth sailing the whole way, but He allowed the storm. It may have been dramatic….but don’t you think witnessing first-hand how natural forces responded to Jesus’ command was a faith lesson they’d never forget?

And what about when the Israelites stood on the shore between the Red Sea and the quickly-approaching Egyptian army? (Exodus 14) God could have had an an already-parted sea waiting for the Israelites to walk right through to safety. But would that have increased their faith? Probably not. But seeing Moses call on God….and having to pray for His deliverance once again….I bet that was a major spiritual growth spurt for them!  (Not to mention the Egyptians who lived to tell the tale.)

Setting The Stage For A Miracle

When we are in the midst of a desperate situation, we can look back on these stories of miraculous salvation at the hand of God and have faith. God may be setting the stage for working a miracle in our own lives! Maybe all He’s waiting on is for us to ask for it.

It’s easy to have faith when life is going along smoothly. But when we are forced to live in daily dependence on God to meet our needs…well, that’s a whole ‘nother story! Nothing’s really changed; we always need God. But when things come too easily, we’re more likely to take His provisions for granted….and to feel like we’re doing it in our own power. It’s our nature to want to live within our comfort zone, but our comfort zone isn’t where God shines. Following Jesus isn’t about our comfort; it’s about His glory.

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Independence Is Not The Goal

We want life-time supply of comfortable, but God wants our daily dependence. God knows that if He supplied too much too soon to meet our physical needs….we’d lose our spiritual need. God knows that when we aren’t reminded of our absolute dependence on Him, our sinful tendency toward self-sufficiency will take over and wreck chaos in our lives. We should be grateful for His reminders that we are not able to control our lives, and that we cannot meet our own needs. Independence should not be the goal of a Jesus-follower. Our goal should always be to live in a state of conscious awareness of our need for God to provide just enough just in time.

This week – when things seem out of your control – stop and thank God for that. Tell Him you recognize your dependence on Him….and you are waiting on Him to move in a big way that will bring glory to His Name. And remember…