This blog post just kept getting longer and longer….probably because it is THE most important part of the Building A Midlife Capsule Wardrobe series. I didn’t want to overwhelm you, so I have split it into two parts. Today is all about the WHY behind the work we’ll do in Part 2b. 😉 This week we make the tough choices. But I promise….these choices will be freeing!

Before we get too involved with the “mechanics,” though, let’s recap. (And read Part 1 if you missed it..)

What Is A Capsule Wardrobe?

“A capsule wardrobe is a minimal, interchangeable wardrobe, using only the clothes you actually love to wear.” –

Why Do I Need A Capsule Wardrobe?

In a nutshell…it will:

A. Simplify your life – When you operate off a capsule wardrobe, your closet will be filled with clothes you love, that you feel confident wearing. By loving every article in your closet, there’s no worry you’ll choose the wrong thing. Your closet may be filled with fewer clothes,  but they will coordinate…meaning less hassle and frustration for you.

B. Free up time in your day – No more wasting time standing in front of dozens of items of clothing saying, “I have nothing to wear!” Or changing clothes 2 or 3 times because what you want to wear doesn’t fit. (I don’t know….maybe that’s just me. *rolls eyes at self*)

C. Save you money – It’s a process….it will not happen overnight. But as you transition to a capsule wardrobe, you will identify where you have holes, and which pieces you want to replace or update. Being able to see the bigger picture makes it easy to shop intentionally….which, in turn, saves you time and money! You will stop buying things you don’t need and actually wear what’s in your closet. (That’s a novel idea, huh?)

It’s All About YOU….Not Filling Retailer’s Pockets

When you begin using a capsule wardrobe, you will find you no longer buy into the retail marketing schemes. It’s only very recently (in the past few years) that retailers have started issuing new pieces every couple weeks, trying to make us feel inferior if we aren’t keeping up with the latest “fashion.” Actually, ladies. that’s not fashion…those  are fads; they come and go in a year, maybe two. Fashion is tried-and-true…just like us. 🙂 It’s okay to indulge in a fad if it really catches your eye…but no one needs a closet full of it! Those styles – and especially the colors they’re trying to push – will be gone in a year or two. (Think neon orange or melon.)

Can you imagine how much money we’ve been wasting on clothes we only wear 1 or 2 seasons? Ughhhhh! If we’d stop and think about it, I’m sure we could come up with so many more worthy ways of spending that money. (Perhaps to pay off the credit card we used to buy all those old clothes we never wear? Or invest it in our retirement or travel fund, or our kid’s/grandkid’s college funds?)

A capsule wardrobe frees you to shop with purpose rather than shopping to fill a void. Impulse shopping is all about filling short-term emotional needs. That’s not a good use of our money….and it only provides a short-term “fix”. (Sounds like a drug doesn’t it? I won’t even get into that emotional Pandora’s box; you’re smart enough to recognize that, I’m sure. 😉 )

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The Clutter Is Hindering Your View 🙁

The good news? The reason you can’t find anything to wear in the morning isn’t because you need a whole new wardrobe.

The bad news? It’s because you can’t see the clothes you love to wear amidst all the clutter of all the stuff you don’t!

But once you take control of your closet (build your capsule wardrobe), everything you see will be what you LOVE wearing. Suddenly, choosing an outfit in the morning will be simple and painless! 🙂

We Have A Choice

Let that thought inspire you today, friend! We don’t have to live with a cluttered closet that makes us feel overwhelmed. (Maybe even depressed?) We have a choice….and the solution is a capsule wardrobe that WORKS in our midlife! We’ve earned it. So get ready. Tomorrow we are rolling up our shirtsleeves and getting to work! 🙂

And remember…



TOMORROW: Part 2b – Making The Tough Choices