As warmer temps approach, I’ve been thinking about my Spring wardrobe. More specifically….I’ve been thinking about how I can simplify  my Spring wardrobe. If that idea appeals to you, too….follow along each Saturday in March as we begin building a midlife capsule wardrobe!

When a new season arrives, there’s always a temptation to buy new clothes just because they’re cute new clothes. But hold on….let’s re-evaluate before doing anything rash! If you were following along last month, you know I put out the Forget About It! February Challenge: To minimize at least 10 items each week. The intention wasn’t to make room for new stuff….it was to carefully consider what we’ve got…and how much of that we really need. Minimizing is the crucial step before organizing.

Minimizing is the crucial first step before organizing. Click To Tweet

My Style Story

Before I go any further, let me share my “style story.” I’ll tell ya, it’s gone through some drastic changes in my 50 years:

In high school (the early-80’s), I went through my Preppy stage:

  • horned-rimmed glasses
  • Bermuda shorts
  • long, plaid skirts
  • Oxford shirts (1, sometimes 2)
  • layered over a polo shirt
  • all under an Icelandic wool sweater (if it was cold)
  • argyle knee socks
  • Bass Penny Loafers (of course)
  • Bass wedge-heeled leather “ballet slippers”

As an adult, I entered my Climbing-the-Corporate-Ladder stage (mid-80’s to early-90’s):

  • above-the-knee black pencil skirts
  • black wide-legged trousers (I do admire Katherine Hepburn’s style!)
  • white poplin shirts
  • white blouses with different necklines
  • white tees
  • khaki pants
  • dressy sweaters
  • (ALL of the above probably came from The Limited, thankyouverymuch.)
  • 3.5″ heel black patent pumps
  • black loafers

A few  years later I had my Airline Uniform stage:

  • navy Gaberdine jacket
  • navy Gaberdine pants
  • navy Gaberdine Bermuda shorts
  • navy Gaberdine vest
  • a white shirt
  • green striped shirts (x3)
  • 1 pair of I-just-wanna-look-good-even-though-I’ll-be-walking-10-miles-in-a-cramped-airplane-today 3.5″ heel black patent pumps
  • 1 pair of I-give-up-my-feet-are-killing-me-and-I-have-4-flights-today 2″ heel black pumps
  • khaki pants
  • dressy shorts
  • dressy tees
  • denim jacket

Then I enjoyed a few very enjoyable (clothing- and weather-wise, at least) years in my Southern Casual stage:

  • shorts
  • jeans
  • tees
  • men’s Oxford shirts
  • swim suits (Oh, how I miss those days! *sighs longingly*)
  • cover-ups
  • denim jacket
  • sweatshirts
  • flip flops
  • cowboy boots

After my divorce came my Homeless Over-The-Road Truck Driver stage (mid-00’s)

  • men’s jeans (deep pockets for carrying stuff is just practical)
  • tees
  • tank tops (by the dozen, cuz they get sweaty and dirty!)
  • flannel shirts
  • a Carhart vest
  • denim jacket
  • Sketchers (for driving)
  • cowboy boots (for working)

The past 10 years, I’ve been in my Unemployed/Self-Employed stage:

  • bib overalls (long and short; I went to a lot of auctions and did a lot of repurposing and painting in the yard or garage)
  • jeans
  • jean shorts
  • tees
  • men’s Oxford shirts
  • tank tops
  • maxi skirts
  • flowy, hippie tops
  • denim jacket
  • denim vest
  • sweatshirts
  • flip flops
  • cowboy boots

You may have noticed a couple pieces present in half of the 6 stages: 1) a denim jacket, and 2) cowboy boots. That’s just an interesting piece of Kimberly trivia for now, but as we continue this series, you’ll see how our “style stories” impact our capsule wardrobe choices.  Speaking of…..

What Is A Capsule Wardrobe?

A capsule wardrobe is a minimal, interchangeable wardrobe, using only the clothes you actually love to wear. –

Sounds simple enough, right? Well….if it was really that simple, wouldn’t we all have a capsule wardrobe already? And wouldn’t we all waste less time staring into our closets, thinking, “I have NOTHING to wear.”And wouldn’t we all stop wasting so much money buying new clothes that just hang in our closet, never to be worn….or worse yet, we wear them but feel miserable in them?

So what’s the solution?

In a nutshell, the solution is to continue what we started with the Forget About It! February Challenge. According to, “Having a capsule wardrobe is not about removing the things you love, it’s about making space for the things you do.”

Having a capsule wardrobe is not about removing the things you love, it’s about making space for the things you do. Click To Tweet

Honestly, building a capsule wardrobe isn’t a complicated process…but I will warn you, it does involve making some uncomfortable decisions. Did you notice the key word in the previous paragraph: love? If you don’t love it, and if you don’t love how you feel/look in it…it should go.

If you want to simplify your life, free up time in your day (by spending less time in your closet), AND save money…… follow along with me as we begin building a midlife capsule wardrobe. I will post here every Saturday in March. The jump over to my Grace & Sass Women in Midlife Facebook group, where I’ll be sharing more how-to’s, revelations, and I’m sure a little angst as I go. *LOL* And remember – because this will be a big part of the process…..




** NEXT WEEK: 4 Considerations When Building A Midlife Capsule Wardrobe **


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