Struggles With Our Weight

I am guessing more than a few of you struggle with your weight just like I do. And I’m guessing for the majority of us, our primary problem is too many “bad carbs,” like starch and refined sugar. And what happens when we ingest too many “bad carbs”? They pile up in our bodies as fat. “Bad carbs,” indeed! 🙁

But the product I’m sharing today actually helps us take control of fats and “bad carbs” by latching onto and letting them pass through our system without finding a “permanent” home on our thighs or belly. (Can I still call it a “baby belly” if My Baby Boy is in the Army now? My blog, I can call it what I want, right? 😉 )

Hysterectomy, Diabetes, And Other Issues

Since my hysterectomy 6 years ago, (Lemme just stop and tell you how much that hurt. Just writing “6 years ago” and feeling my fluffiness fluffing over my waistband as I sit here at the computer….ughhhhh! I HAVE to start making better choices, y’all! Now….where was I?) I just cannot seem to lose any weight. Or if I can lose 3-4 pounds, I can’t keep it off for more than a week or two.

And I’m not alone in this struggle. Last year, MHH was diagnosed with diabetes (he has a family history), and  is STILL struggling to get his blood sugar levels under control. Add to that I’m a unenthusiastic cook, and that we both kinda go into hibernation during the winter, and it spells “Fluffy” with a capital F! 🙁

After hearing from a couple friends about other diabetics who have had success (even to the point of going off their diabetic meds), I decided we are going to try this product. (Lucky for MHH, he agreed to it. *giggle*) They are being delivered tomorrow, and I am so excited to start using them and see how we each respond!

Watch as my gf and It Works consultant, Rhonda Brzozowiec, gives us a look at how this product works. I thought it was amazing!! (Thx for sharing with us, gf!)

What Works For You?

Have any of you tried this product, or something similar, that may help the rest of the Grace & Sass gals? If so, I’d love to hear about it! And if you have any questions, you can email Rhonda directly from here.

Please share YOUR health and weight loss struggles in the Comments below. That will really help me know what information would be most helpful to you for future blog posts. Cuz it really is ALLLLLLL about you, gf!

Here’s to living a healthier lifestyle in 2017. We can do this….together! 🙂



PS…….I will be updating this post to share how this product works for us after a couple weeks’ use…so stay tuned.

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