There is one question that basically determines every prayer we’ll ever pray: Is there a limit to God’s power? (Numbers 11:23 GNT) Obviously, no; there is NO limit to God’s power. He proved that time and time again thousands of years ago…and He continues to prove it today. So why do we pray as if our dreams or problems are too difficult for Him? Why do we have such a small view of God?

Our God Is Bigger

A. W. Tozer (who I recently learned officiated a family friend’s wedding in the 50’s…how cool is that?), believed a low view of God is the cause of a hundred lesser evils, but a high view of God is the solution to ten thousand temporal problems. If we take that opinion, then our real problem isn’t an overwhelming credit card bill, a serious health issue, or the prospect of divorce. Our real problem is not truly believing our God is bigger than all those things.

Ah, Sovereign LORD, You have made the heavens and the earth by Your great power and outstretched arm. Nothing is too hard for You. – Jeremiah 32:17

Embrace His Omnipotence

We forget that God exists outside of our natural laws. He created those laws! So how can we possibly try to put Him in our “box”? All our prayers are equal to Him: big or small, easy or difficult, possible or impossible. We can circle our dreams in prayer until we’re dizzy…but until we embrace the omnipotence of God, we will only be drawing small circles. But once we do….once we stop trying to understand how God might answer our prayers and instead simply believe He is able…it’s not a question of, “Can He,” it’s a question of, “Will He?” From that point on….all things are possible!

Stop Underestimating God

If you’ve been underestimating God, why not ask Him to grow your faith today; to open your heart to the possibility of Him moving in unexpected ways to answer your prayers?  Instead, spend time worshiping Him for His limitless power and grace….and let Him do what only He can do. Because He can.