If you’re dreaming BIG, I bet it’s safe to say there are things you need that you just don’t have right now. That could be finances, time, experience, skills, people…whatever. But you know what? That’s okay….because if our vision is from God, our limited resources are all part of the plan. The only way God receives all the glory is if we have a vision beyond our resources!

This Isn’t Permission To Run Wild

God never wants us to be financially irresponsible and accumulate a huge debt in trying to make our dream happen on our own. Or to become so involved in our dream that we are negligent to our family or our current job. However, it does mean is that God will expect us to take steps of faith toward the vision He has given us, and to trust Him to provide what we need, when we need it.

It’s not our man-made plans that move the Almighty; the Almighty is moved by big dreams and bold prayers. – Mark Batterson, The Circle Maker

But How Do I Know?

I understand that sometimes it’s really difficult to discern which desires are our own….and which are Holy Spirit-inspired. That’s why we’re circling our dreams in prayer before we do anything else, right? 😉

I hope that before you take any steps forward toward your BIG dream you carefully – and prayerfully – evaluate what you’re going to need, how much of that you have, or can get or do on your own, and what you’re going to have to trust God to provide.

Be Specific

And don’t forget…God doesn’t answer vague prayers. So as you’re circling your dream, be specific….and listen to what He is telling you. Take notes. And seek godly counsel. I promise you: If it’s from God, God will provide.