I really am trying to make healthier choices in 2017. (Okay, not so much on Super Bowl Sunday…but still.) Fortunately for me, I have a few friends who have health & fitness businesses, so I’ve decided it would be silly not to draw on their expertise to help me – and you – this year! Today I’ve asked my new friend, Rhonda Brzozowiec, to share her video on how to make quick and healthy Overnight Oats.

I first saw this video because we were both participating in a livestream challenge for women entrepreneurs. My first thought was, “I can do that! (pause) I SHOULD do that!” MHH and I both love oatmeal, and this would not only be a great not-really-cooking thing for me, the anti-cook, but a convenient breakfast for MHH, who goes into the office between 5a and 7a every day. I used to get up and send him off with something….but, alas, the honeymoon is over; he’s on his own now. 😉 But this? this I could do! Take a look for yourself how easy it is.

Rhonda’s Overnight Oats


If you’d like more healthy ideas and products….read Rhonda’s story. She is a flight attendant, which is one reason I was so attracted to her story (being a former-flight attendant, myself)….and she’s been struggling with a back injury which makes exercise a challenge (like me and my knees; I know some of you will relate, too.) But she’s not letting that get in her way; she’s making eating healthy a top priority. As we all should. 😉

Feel free to contact Rhonda directly with any questions you may have. (You can find her on Facebook, too.) She will be sharing more here periodically…but don’t wait on that to start getting your healthy on! Let’s all start making healthier choices today!