The past few weeks, we’ve been defining our dreams, and circling them in prayer. And while those are very important parts of our journey, if we don’t act on them, we will stay stuck where we are. If we aren’t willing to jump off a cliff, we’ll never fly.

When God gives us a dream – a BIG dream – we must believe “we are only one defining decision away from a totally different life ” (Mark Batterson). And after we have prayed circles around our dreams, we WILL reach a point where we have to make a decision: Are we willing to step into our crazy and take a flying leap of faith in order to soar?

There is nothing logical about jumping off a cliff….I don’t care if you’re strapped in the harness under a paraglide canopy or a parachute…it is not normal for humans to fly. We just weren’t designed that way. It is just craziness to jump off a cliff, or out of a plane….yet people do it all the time. Why? Because the canopy and the parachute have been proven to be safe (well, usually) ways to experience things we never could if we stayed on the ground.

It’s the same with faith. God has proven Himself capable of doing some pretty amazing things in my life…and I’m guessing in yours, too. But even in light of our own personal experience, it can still seem crazy that God has chosen us for a big dream. “You think I can do that, God? That’s crazy!!” But that’s the point, remember? We are never going to be able to bring God’s dream for us to completion; we just don’t have that kind of power. But God can work miracles with even the smallest faith.

“…Truly I tell you, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to here,’ and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you.”  – Matthew 17:20

When we step out in faith and trust God to do what only God can do…our faith grows exponentially! When God tells us to take a flying leap of faith….we can fly!!

This week, we’re going to firm up our faith. We are going to be reminded that our God is able. He chooses us to do His work, because when the miraculous happens through plain ol’ people like us, there is NO denying Him the glory! So have faith and jump, gf. Because God’s got this….and it’s your time to fly!!!