Two weeks ago when we began this journey, we decided to go on the offensive, and lay claim to God’s promise to fight our battles. Then we got brave and decided to step into our crazy. We dreamed and identified our Jericho, and began circling those dreams in prayer. But I’m guessing – if you dreamed big like we talked about – God hasn’t answered your prayer yet. I assure you He wants to; you just have to keep praying. If you quit now, you’ll miss your miracle.

One of the common problems we have when we pray is that we quit too soon. Prayer is an investment…but too often, we quit circling our Jericho right before the walls fall. We miss our miracle!

We get in the habit of praying for something….instead of praying through it.  It’s okay to pray for a meal…..but when we’re facing a real crisis – an “impossible” situation – we can’t just pray for God to fix it. Where’s the faith in that? Where’s His glory? We need to pray through the enemy attack. We need to pray through the quiet when God isn’t talking. We need to hit our knees, time and time again, and pray until God sees that we aren’t letting go. We need to pray through until He answers!

Praying through is about being consistent. It’s a marathon, not a sprint. It’s not taking no for an answer. If we’re confident our prayer is in line with God’s will….we keep praying because we know it’s too soon to quit. We pray through because we believe we are always just one prayer away from His answer!

Praying through is also about intensity. We don’t always have the words. Sometimes we are so broken or lost that we can’t even find words. But God doesn’t need our words. In those moments, the Holy Spirit feels our pain, and He prays for us.

“In the same way, the Spirit helps us in our weakness. We do not know what we ought to pray for, but the Spirit Himself intercedes for us through wordless groans.” – Romans 8:26

If we want God to do something new in our life, ladies, we can’t do it by praying the same old way we have been. We’re gonna need to start praying differently. We’re gonna need to pray through. Offering God a few minutes of prayer on the way to work or before falling asleep isn’t going to demonstrate real desire on our part. If we want God to move big around our Jericho, we’re going to have to be willing to make some sacrifices.

Maybe we’ll have to get up earlier, when the house is quiet and it’s just us and God, one on one, no interruptions or distractions. Maybe we need to stay on our knees til our legs go numb. Maybe we need to give up something we enjoy for the dream God has planted in our hearts.

Ladies, I promise….if we pray through, God will honor our dedication, and He will answer.

Is your Jericho worth a little sacrifice? What are you willing to do for YOUR miracle? If you’re ready….let’s begin this week. Today! Let’s get serious about our God-given dreams. Let’s pray through and see what kind of miracles God has in store for us! 😉




PS……My buddy Bob Sorge – acclaimed author and speaker, and all-around awesome man of God – wrote an awesome book called “Illegal Prayers.” If you’re ready to get serious with your prayer, you want to read it.