I know God’s timing is always perfect. He’s proved that time and time again in my own life….whether I’ve liked it or not. And the last 2 years, I haven’t really liked it. I felt like I was sitting in God’s waiting room. I knew something was coming…but He sure wasn’t telling me what. So I waited. And I prayed. And when I turned 50 last August, it was as if God was saying, “Okay, Kimberly…it’s time.” 🙂

A couple days before my birthday, God had whispered the name “Grace and Sass” to me. I felt He was leading me to write a little blog where women in midlife can connect and be encouraged in their everyday. That was great, because I love to write! I’ve blogged before, but something felt different about this. This wouldn’t just be me writing to write; God has a new purpose for me; it includes Grace and Sass, and it includes you. 🙂

But there was another integral piece to come into play. Earlier in the year, I had heard about a book called “The Circle Maker: Praying Circles Around Your Biggest Dreams and Greatest Fears” by Mark Batterson. Prayer has always been a big part of my life – even when I went years hardly praying. So I added this book to my Amazon Wish List…but it sat there for the entire year. I still had some preparing to do, I guess. 😉 It wasn’t until I began my New Year planning in early-December that I felt led to buy the book and dig into a new prayer study.  Don’t you love when you wait obediently on the perfect timing of God and He rewards you with more than you ever expected?! 🙂

This book did that; it gave me the visual I needed. (I’m a very visual person; if I don’t write it down, it goes right through one ear and out the other!) This book reminded me that while it was all well and good to dream and plan….I needed to draw circles around those dreams, and pray until God answers. And God always answers! So I started drawing circles in my planner, and prayed over them every day. And God started to move. *happy dance of anticipation*

If you’ve been around Grace and Sass a while, you know I injured my hip over Christmas, and spent the next 3 weeks either standing or lying flat because sitting was excruciating. I found myself literally walking in circles in my family room each morning as I prayed over my prayer circles. And one morning God didn’t just whisper, He shouted! He had been preparing me for this crazy season called midlife for 2 years, and now it’s time! Time to draw a circle around my midlife and step out in faith. To step into my crazy!

Ladies, if you want to see God move in your life in a big way this year, I invite you to join me. We are going to dream big dreams. We are going to draw big circles. We are going to pray big prayers. And we are going to see God move BIG! He’s just waiting on us…so let’s get to it!

We begin by writing down our dreams.

This is an excellent time to read my blog titled “5 Steps to Planning with Purpose.”  It will help you define your dreams in line with God’s purpose for you. Sometimes that’s a hard task, but when we approach it prayerfully, we can trust that we’re headed in the right direction. Like prayers, most dreams and goals take some refining, so don’t stress about it. What you write down isn’t etched in stone. As we continue, God will very likely do some refining. That’s a natural part of the process, as we grow closer to Him, and listen more attentively. Your job is to pray and listen for His direction. God’s job is work His will. All the real pressure is on Him. 😉 Usually when we find ourselves stressed, it’s because we’re trying to take control. RELAX! Let God move you through this process. He’s got this, I promise. 🙂

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If you’ve decided to join us on this journey, leave a comment. I’d love to pray for you by name. And remember…