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It’s not what you think. It’s not my closet….it’s My Midlife Closet. Confused? Well, gf….stick with me, because if you have ever stood in front of your closet wondering what in the world you’re gonna wear….’cuz you have NOTHING to wear even though there’s 100 pieces of clothing staring you in the face….if you’ve ever done that, you are gonna want to take a look inside My Midlife Closet!

What is My Midlife Closet?

Basically, it’s a personal stylist and online shopping all rolled up into one!  My Midlife Closet was created by the team at the Ali J Boutique, located in New London MN (about 2 hours west of Minneapolis). These fabulous women (and I’ve talked with them…so believe me when I say they’re fabulous!) figured out that a lot of ladies – like me, and I’m guessing like you – love the idea of being stylish, but don’t have the time or inclination to get out and shop….let alone put outfits together.

Most women stare at their closet for too long in the morning, then throw something on in defeat. We teach women how to put together age-appropriate outfits…and then offer the clothing for purchase at a discount!  – My Midlife Closet

Did you get that? THEY GET that we are not that happy with all the clothes we have. THEY GET that we often get dressed and feel defeated before we even start our day. THEY GET that we want to be “age-appropriate” but still look put together and stylish. And THEY GET that we don’t want to spend any more money on clothes we probably won’t like that long (like, maybe by the time we get home from the store??)…so being able to shop at a discount is a big bonus!

I don’t know about you, but I liked shopping for clothes when I was young. But now I have no desire to go to a mall, or even try on clothes anymore. *pause, with a big sigh* Yeah…that’s probably mostly due to my “fluffiness”….but “fluffy” I am, and I still need clothes, so I gotta do something. THAT’S where these women come in!

Do you know ANY woman who hasn’t wished she had a personal stylist at some point? I used to dream about being a personal stylist at Marshall Fields or Saks on Michigan Avenue in Chicago. Now? I just want someone to ask me what I want, give me a few options, and ship it right to my door. (Especially in the winter. *giggle*)

This Is For Us….Women In Midlife!

I don’t want to look like a 20-something….or even a 30-something. I want to look like the mature – yet sassy – woman of 50 that I am, thankyouverymuch. Do I see a lot of that when I do happen to go to some retail store? Hmmm *shakes head*….not really. But at My Midlife Closet, they cater to women in midlife….with flattering styles and a wide range of sizes (S to 3X, as a matter of fact), so my fluffiness is not a challenge for them. And they’re not selling your grandma’s pantsuits and polyester, ladies. They offer right-now fashion that fits our age and our body types.

How Do They Do All That?

When you subscribe to My Midlife Closet….for less than $1/day, you, too, can have a Stylist On Speed dial (S.O.S.) and boutique shopping at your fingertips! Total bargain!!

My Midlife Closet will then send you a Welcome Box. (Isn’t that sweet?) It’s the only thing you’ll get from them that’s a surprise. (Unlike some similar services.) But you’ll like these surprises, I promise! (There’s a video of me opening my Welcome Box on my Facebook page. Check it out.)

You will also complete a short online survey  (takes about 10 minutes), submit your measurements. (Hey…they need to determine what’s going to look best on you, right? So bite the bullet and give them accurate information. NO ONE else will see, and they won’t tell.) Once they work their stylist magic to determine your body type, gauge your style quotient, etc., your stylist will make a “Closet Call.” Yup…you’ll actually talk to her personally. She will go over your results and answer any questions you may have. Nice, right? 🙂

Pssssst…..I am an apple body type, as are about 70% of their clients. (Not really a surprise to any woman in midlife, right? I think most of us have reached the stage where any extra weight we carry, we carry it around our midsection. Yippee.) I am also a “stylist wannabe.” I may have a good idea of what style I like, but I don’t always know exactly how to put the pieces together to achieve that look. And I don’t really have the time or inclination to shop anyhow. I welcome their help. 🙂

Another of their personal touches? Your stylist will email you every Friday….but if you have any questions before then, you can place a S.O.S. (Stylist On Speed dial) call, or text her and she will be on it! You can even text her pictures of something you already have in your closet but don’t know how or if you can pair it with something else. Or you can ask her advice for spur-of-the-moment issues. (Maybe you need a dress for a wedding or something). Your stylist is available for you when you need her! (Well…she does sleep, and have a life…but even then, she will respond ASAP. Honest!)

What About The Clothes?

My Midlife Closet releases one Big Collection each month consisting of multiple clothing items. They are left up on the Shopping Page for 1 week so you can shop at your convenience.

A couple weeks later, they usually release a Mini Collection; usually accessories, shoes, or such.  There will be a very limited online shopping opportunity for these…and apparently, things sell out quickly, so you’ll want to put it on your calendar and be ready.

That’s about it! Super-convenient and super-helpful, right?  🙂

They Are NOT Like Some Other Services

And because I’m sure some of you are thinking this is like Stitch Fix, let me just tell you, no…it’s not. I tried Stitch Fix for a few months last year. And while I got a couple really cute pieces…I sent back 90% of what they shipped me. So the whole, “Surprise! Look what your stylist picked out for you” concept was really a waste of my time….every month. I had completed their lengthy survey, and even made some updates on my profile…and I still mostly got stuff I didn’t care for, or stuff that didn’t fit. Even the L and XL tops were all too tight in the shoulders and bust. So while I understand Stitch Fix has their benefits….My Midlife Closet offers a truly personalized service that better suits my needs as a midlifer. And I’m betting you’re already thinking the same thing.

All The Other Cool Stuff They Do

Oh! I didn’t even mention everything they do on their Facebook page! This is where you really get to know who you’re working with…cuz Ali (the beautiful boutique owner, center of picture) and Emily Jane (my stylist…and maybe yours! The cute blonde with the glasses.) and some of the other incredible ladies do these awesome live videos showing off some of their new clothes,  demonstrating ways to wear scarves, or just to let us know what’s coming up. They are a hoot, y’all! But they are really knowledgeable and good at what they do, too.

The lovely ladies of My Midlife Closet!

Something for you…and something for me. 😉

So if you haven’t figured it out yet….I am super excited to be working with My Midlife Closet….first as a customer, and secondly as a business partner. I am honored to say I am their very first blogger affiliate…which means I received a complimentary membership, and I will be compensated for any new members that enroll as a result of my referral…whether that’s word-of-mouth, via a link here on my blog, on my Facebook pages, or whatever. But y’all know me….I would never recommend something to you that I don’t  at least try myself….or in this case, LOVE and USE myself!  🙂

I’m Doing It!

I will be documenting my own My Midlife Closet experiences regularly so you can see exactly how it works, and what kind of fabulous clothes and accessories they offer. I am confident a lot of you are going to want to try this incredible service, too, so when you subscribe, please mention you learned about them through Grace & Sass. (And in case you forget, they’ll ask, so no worries.)

I know I already said it, but I am so excited to start using this new service!! Last Fall when I put away my Spring/Summer clothes and got out my Fall/Winter clothes, I donated a lot of stuff I hardly or never wore the past year or two. I decided I would not buy anything new that isn’t gray, black, red, or white because I want to pare down my wardrobe….but I also want it to be coordinating so I can easily put outfits together. (Pssss….I’m going to be doing a series on this, too. It’s called a Capsule Wardrobe.) Then here comes this message from My Midlife Closet: They like my blog and stuff…and they’d like me to work with them and help spread the word about their incredible service for midlife women. I mean, seriously…I was so flattered!  And the best part? They share my faith in Jesus Christ, and just want to help women in midlife find and feel their worth. That meshes beautifully with my Grace & Sass…and creating a place where we can all connect and encourage one another. If My Midlife Closet can help us look as fabulous as we feel – or maybe want to feel – then count me in!

If My Midlife Closet resonates with you the way it does with me, what are you waiting for? Join the MMC family – and me – and sign up now via this link!

I think we’ve earned a little self-care, don’t you? Let’s make 2017 a year where we ALL look and feel better. Grace & Sass and My Midlife Closet are here to help make that happen! Cuz we LOVE you guys…and we want to help you make the most of your midlife! 🙂



PS…..When you decide to enroll….let me know! Leave me a comment here, or on Facebook or something. I can’t wait to hear what you think! 🙂