Father God…..Forgive our nation for falling away from Your commands. Turn our hearts to You so that our land and our people may be healed. Show us a new path to peace. Join us together in a desire to rebuild what we’ve allowed to be broken, to plant new hope where it’s been allowed to grow stagnant, and to come together with a renewed love and respect not only for our country, but for our neighbor.

Bless our elected and appointed officials….from local levels to the White House. Raise up godly men and women that will think selflessly – and in accordance with Your commands – for the wellbeing of our nation and its citizens, not for profit or power. May they look to You for guidance, and may they choose wisely those who will advise them and execute their vision for our country, and our communities.

Remove any enemy attacks or attempts at disruption that would cause further discourse and division. Bring our nation together, stronger and more inspired than ever, to stand up for the liberties with which we are so blessed….including the right to hold different opinions and beliefs.

As Christians, we know You are a Sovereign God, able to work YOUR will regardless of how we exercise OUR free will. We trust Your will, and we praise You for being holy and faithful. May Your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.

I pray all these things in the powerful Name of Jesus…