I’ve only just started decorating for this is just a quick post to share Fall outside our farmhouse in Galesburg IL. These pictures are from a few years ago….but I’m pretty consistent with that decor, since we don’t spend a lot of  time there. (KISS, right?) And since I’m still working on our Burlington IA house (which I’ll share later), I thought I’d take this opportunity to share some fabulous Fall outdoor decorating ideas with you today. 🙂

Personally, I don’t like things too fru-fru, or cluttered, so a “minimalist” look is usually what I go with. Our front porch looks really pretty when it’s darker and the lights turn on….but then you can’t really see the details of the wheelbarrow…hence these almost-dusk shots. I LOVE  filling our rusty old wheelbarrow with pumpkins and corn…which I can gather right out of the field, when they plant corn near the house. I’ve also learned inexpensive (read: fake) leaf ropes and flowers weather best, because it is super windy out there, and they can get beat up. 🙁


One thing I do insist on is corn stalks bundled in the corner. That just says “farm” to me…and as luck would have it…every other year, out house is nearly surrounded by corn fields! 😉


And because I can never get too many Fall decor ideas…here are some beautiful examples off my “Decorating – Fall” Pinterest board. (Pinterest really is the best place to go for inspiration anymore, isn’t it?)

Whatever style you prefer, it’s so easy to come up with a beautiful display with all the fabulous choice of pumpkins and flowers and accents nowadays! So happy decorating….and come back to see what I’m working on at our Burlington IA house. 😉





P.S……I’d love to see what you’ve done at your house! If I did this right *giggle* you should be able to attach a picture in the Comments below. Thx for sharing! 🙂