I love how God brings exactly what we need to us, before we even know we need it. Tuesday’s Jesus Calling devotion reminded me sometimes we just need to say, “Oh, well.”

Sometimes we’re in our comfort zone, right? Things are going good. We don’t have any major struggles going on. We’re coasting along, enjoying a season of “sweet communion” with God. Life is good. Until. Until we have to pick up after everyone…again. Until we get stuck in traffic. Until someone gets our order wrong at the drive thru and we don’t realize until we’ve driven away. Until we lose it.

When little things don’t go as you had hoped, look to Me lightheartedly and say, “Oh, well.” This simple discipline can protect you from being burdened with an accumulation of petty cares and frustrations.  – Sarah Young,  “Jesus Calling”

A lot of times, we deal with the big stuff better than we do the small stuff. But if we take a deep breath and send up a little “Help me, Jesus!” prayer before we say anything rude or nasty, or just let our whole day be ruined by some small stuff…we can shift our focus back to God’s perspective. When we do that, it’s much easier to let it go, extend grace, and keep the peace. It’s our choice  how we react.

My life motto is, “Choose wisely.” And wisdom says we can’t let the small stuff drag us down. We can’t let the small stuff steal our joy. We can’t let the small stuff turn us into an ugly wife/mother/daughter/co-worker/friend. We cannot let the small stuff control us.

What’s even more unbelievable is that if we can stop and look at the situation with a Jesus heart (not our own flawed, human heart) we could eventually reach the point where we view our troubles in this life as just “light and momentary….compared to the eternal glory that far outweighs them all” (2 Corinthians 4:17-18).  I like to think that at this point in my midlife, I’ve learned to handle things a lot better than I did even just a handful of years ago. But “light and momentary”? That’s still a stretch for me most days.

And wouldn’t you know it…just a few hours after reading this devotion, something popped up that gave me a chance to put it into practice. My plans for my day had to change. I had to pray for Jesus to push down the worry that started bubbling up inside my gut.  I had to remind myself I really do trust God’s plan, and His promise of protection for my loved ones. And it was okay; we made it through and even had ice cream. 🙂

But if that wasn’t enough, last week MHH’s cousin came home to find her 56-year old husband dead. And yesterday my cousin was admitted to ICU and is in critical condition, battling a life-threatening infection. These are the kind of things that remind us why we need to build up good habits today! We can’t allow the enemy keep us in a state of unpreparedness. One day, we’re going to get hit with something big…and we’re going to wish we had been better at this.

We can't allow the enemy keep us in a state of unpreparedness. - Kimberly Sutor Click To Tweet

So when you encounter the small stuff today, say “Oh, well,” and move on.  We got this, gf. And remember….





P.S…..Sarah Young nailed that right on the head, didn’t she? But then I can say that for just about every single day’s devotion. If you don’t have this book….get it! (Just $8.98…and if you buy via Amazon Smile, they’ll also donate to your favorite charity. Cool, huh?) It’s crazy how spot-on “Jesus Calling” is for me and all my friends…and that’s pretty incredible, considering how different each of our lives look. A book like this can only be the inspiration of the Holy Spirit!