I have learned the hard way: The key to lasting organization is to minimize! And what better time to implement this idea than in a period of seasonal transition? So let’s kill two birds with one stone here, with my 7 Tips To A Successful Seasonal Wardrobe Transition.

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I’m sure you all know the Autumnal Equinox occurs this coming Thursday, September 22nd. *happy Fall dance* As much as I love Summer, I am so over this Summer. The humidity was ridiculous!!! And being landlocked (even though I live less than a block from the Mississippi River), I might have a little grumpy some days…pining over the days I lived in Mobile AL and could just drive 10 minutes to a beach. (*sighhhhh* Maybe again some day.) As anxious as I am for sweater weather, there are a few important things we should all remember when we are transitioning our wardrobes.

I started the process last week as I was gathering laundry and packing for our weekend in Galesburg. I set aside all my Summer clothes to be dealt with this week. It’s this week, y’all. *breathes deeply in resignation to the task ahead* Now it’s time for the detail work:

1: Clean

Wash & dry (or dry clean, as required) everything to be stored…even if it’s already “clean.” Be sure to check for stains, etc. Anything stored with a stain will only look worse when you pull it back out again.

2: Mend

Now is the time to fix that loose button or hem. Who wants to pull out “new” clothes and not be able to wear them right away?

3: Sort

This is when you’ll decided if you want to keep it, donate it, or sell it. Don’t store more than you need just because you might wear it next year. If you didn’t wear it much – if at all – this year, it’s pretty much a guarantee you’re not gonna want to next year. Let it go.? Another idea: Hold a Swap Party. Get together with a handful of girlfriends and bring those items that you’re just not thrilled with anymore. What may seem “old news” to you may be just what your gf is looking for! Or maybe they’ve been really nice in not telling you it wasn’t the most flattering item in your closet…but it would look fabulous on them! *giggle*

4: Fold or roll neatly

Folding is fine for some clothes, but anything that is prone to wrinkling (especially fine knits and fabrics), I roll; I learned this tip when I was a flight attendant. When you have to fit a bunch of clothes in a small travel bag, rolling is a life-saver!

5: Pack safely

This means using plastic bins, zippered hanging bags, resealable vacuum bags, plastic or wood hangers, etc. No cardboard boxes. No wire hangers. *insert “Mommy Dearest” face here* And be sure to store your containers in a dry, dark, cool place. Cedar blocks will also prevent moth from settling in. (FYI…mothballs contain pesticides, and not only stink, but they can harm your clothes. Just say no!)

6: Label storage containers

You may prefer to go with a simple “Fall/Winter Clothes,” but if you’re storing stuff for a 3+ member household, you’ll probably want to include each person’s name on their bins, and for kids’ stuff, you probably want to include sizes on your labels. If you’re really anal, like I am, you’ll store like items together, noting shirts & sweaters, outerwear & accessories, pants & skirts, etc. *proud-of-it CDO face*

7: Check on items periodically

You’ll want to peek in your storage containers every couple months to ensure they stay free of bugs, mildew, etc. This beats an unpleasant surprise in 6 months.

That’s it! Not that difficult, is it? The biggest hurdle is finding the time to do it. (And for me, toting heavy bins up and down steep attic stairs.) But as with most things in life, it’s better to do it right once than to have to do it again. So let’s get after it and look super-cute in all our Fall favorites! And remember….