10 your business


  1. It’s mobile.
    • Your business is always on the move, so your marketing should be, too. The Asirvia GO fits in the palm of your hand, so it can go anywhere!
      • Carry one in your purse or pocket and your marketing is always working wherever you are…..even if you’re not!
      • Leave one in a strategic location and let the Bluetooth technology display your message or ad on nearby smartphones & devices 24/7.
  2. It’s interactive.
    • Your message or ad displays as a Google Nearby Notification on nearby smartphones & devices* When they click on the notification, they can click-through to a website to receive more information, sign up for your mailing list, and even watch a YouTube video!
  3. It’s real-time.
    • Have a new promotion starting? Create a new message or ad and activate it instantly!
  4. It’s trackable.
    • Asirvia allows you to track your exposures, and offers detailed reporting.
    • Not happy with how your campaign is working? Change it online instantaneously!
  5. It’s affordable.
    • Until recently, only big box retailers and companies have utilized proximity marketing. But with Asirvia’s GO Services, ANY SIZE BUSINESS can put the power of proximity marketing to work for them….starting for around $2/day!**

Click on the GO button below to watch a short 3-minute video showing how proximity marketing with GO SERVICES works!

*Or visit http://www.asirvia.info/kimberlysutor


*When Google Nearby and Location services are activated. Currently only appearing on Android devices. iOS in Beta testing now!

**Limited time promotion. Lock-in at up to 50% savings now! Does not include one-time activation fee or shipping charge.