Make the most of your midlife


Discover how my new services can help you learn how to make your Big Dreams happen….with Grace and Sass!

GF Retreats

Weekend and 1-Day GF Retreats where you and your gf’s can come together to share, listen, pray, and gain insight as to what God has in store for this season of your life. Of course, this will probably require a few tissues….but mostly lots of coffee, laughter, good food, and wine. 🙂

Note: All GF Retreats include both Life Map and Vision Board Workshops. (Unless you have other specific requests.)


Vision Board Workshops

1-day Vision Board Workshops to help you learn how to think long about what your Big Dream will look and feel like, and how to turn daily decisions into defining decisions that will make your Big Dreams a reality!


Life Map Workshops

1-day Life Map workshops. There are a total of 9 maps. They can be explored individually, or as an complete course. As a oneLife Map Facilitator, I am able to guide you through each map to help you map your life, recognize God’s guidance, and respond with purposeful action….all to make the most of your midlife!

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